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Track Safety Lighting System

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Payce Racing Products Track Safety Lighting Sets

Those old halogens not cutting it anymore, or you want a mobile set of lighting for your road or offroad track, we have the solution

These light sets are a fully customizeable, wireless, LED and portable solution!

Consisting of a main hand held Controller, that can be either battery or mains powered. The controller can be as simple as single button controls for all lights, all the way through to indivdual control over each light, for track "sectors" with overide buttons to control all lights. We can even supply a small LED on the controller that "mimicks" the corresponding light box if you do not have line of sight vision!

The light boxes, contain a large LED panel capable of displaying any colour you can think of! These housings are sealed and provide water and dust resistance (we do not recommend to operate in heavy rainfall) A universal mounting option on the rear of the housings allows the units to be slips on and off the provided tripods easily, or onto fixed mounting points already installed at your location. 

Powering the light boxes is done by a hefty 12v battery. We have run time options starting from 8 hour continuous use and longer. 

The configuration of these units is almost endless, due to the fact that one controller can connect up to a nearly unlimited amount of light boxes, so if you are interested, please get in contact!

Facebook Messeneger: @MayhemHobbiesPerth


Tech Specs


  • Up to 34 buttons with mimicking LED's or 40 buttons total
  • Sealed housing with battery access tray on bottom
  • Battery capacity status indicator
  • Ability to use mains power adaptor
  • Light weight durable ABS housing

Light Box

  • 512 super bright LED's per Box
  • Clear Acrylic replaceable cover
  • Durable aluminum housing painted gloss black
  • Sun Hoods as standard to increase daytime visibility
  • Run time starts from 8 hours by default, optional longer run times avaliable
  • Universal mounting brackets to attach to supplied tripods or your own mount
  • Unobstructed range of 1100m (highly influence by environmental factors)


Optional Extras

Multi port Charging Hub

12a fast charger

10a fast charger

Low battery warnings on light box's

Custom Light box housing colours


All units come with minimum 12 months warranty

Complete range of spare parts avaliable upon request

Lead times 2-3 months dependant on component availibilty, all made to order


Pricing example

Configuration 1 - $2700
3 Light Boxes
Individual Zone control for each light with 3 colours
4 overide colours for all light boxes
8 hour run time batteries


Configuration 2 - $3500
4 light boxes
5 Overide colours for all light boxes on controller
8 hour run time batteries
6 port charging hub

Configuration 3 - $6500
6 light boxes
Individual Zone control for each light with 5 colours and mimicking LED's
3 overide colours for all light boxes
Low Battery warnings on light boxes
12a fast charger
14 hour run time batteries