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Payce RC Touring Car Shorty Battery holders

Original price $13.00 - Original price $15.00
Original price
$13.00 - $15.00
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SKU PRC1034-1
Model: T4 17-20
Colour: Black

Payce RC Touring Car Shorty Battery holders is now avaliable!

3D Printed from strong and durable PLA plastic this requires 0 modifications to fit. Simply install the two holders, add your desired contersunk screw into the chassis. Set the height of the retainer using standard 3mm ballstud spacers, you should have 0.5mm of space between the retainer and battery. Add any additional weight to balance the car perfectly and have right on the minimum weight (around 40-50g required normally)

If we dont have your model of car listed we can draw one up for you! We require you car for 2 hours to design, draw and print the shorty holder.

Avaliable in a range of colours and made to order (takes 1 hour)

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