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Pro Training Sessions

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Ever wanted One on One training by someone with over 15 years of RC experience, Multiple State Titles won, National titles won and Multiple International events experience?

Now is your chance! We are now offering a range of different training options. These run on a per hour basis, or per race meeting

Each of the sessions will include a range of comprehensive elements. This includes, but is not limited to;

- Setup of your car, to your driving style
- Key maintance items to keep on top of and how to do it
- Selecting the right products/upgrades for your car and setup equipment you should carry to maximise your performance
- Driver coaching, the lines to pick, where to make up time, how to attack different sections of the track
- Driving amoungst other drivers, when to push and how to "set up" passing moves
- What to change on your car to suit the track conditions
- How to select the right tread pattern and/or compound
- Videos on your driving around the track, how to improve and what the car is doing
- And much more!

The training sessions can take place at any of the tracks around the Perth region, I.E; WCMRC, MORBC, BRCCC. These training sessions are not limited to one specific type of car or type of racing, but in particular we cater for the following classes;

- All 1/10th Off-road classes
- All 1/8th Off-road classes
- All 1/10th On-Road Classes
- All 1/8th On-Road Classes
- 1/12th On-Road

Booking a session is simple, but we do require prior notice, ideally a few days, but are occasionally avaliable on short notice. Either order this product online, selecting your desired amount of practice time, or full club race meeting (does not include major events). You can leave a note in your cart section for your desired race meet or planned practice time, but we do prefer to organise directly with you and communicate the best time avaliable. These times are all only avaliable outside of our normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm). Please select Bank transfer for payment method as we will organise payment once the session time has been confirmed.

If you would like any further information regarding these One on One training sessions, would like to book or organise a session, or have any further questions regarding anything to do with the training, please contact us via one of the following methods;

PH: 0416967876
Facebook: @mayhemhobbiesperth

We look forawrd to dialing in your skills and setup that car perfectly for you!