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Payce RC VRC Pro USB adaptor

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Payce RC VRC Pro USB adaptor.

This allows you to use up to 8 channel PPM, 6 Channel PWM or many other configurations. Can be used for Cars, planes, drones, any sim that utilizes a joystick style configuration for its software control.

Comes loaded by default with 2 channel PWM software. 3 wire set for power ground and channel 1 and 1 wire to connect to channel 2. If you require more channels or a custom configuration please contact us before hand or put it in your order notes.

You will require a micro usb cable to connect from the decive to your computer, these are extremely common cables and most people will generally already have one. We dont include one due to this reason and most people wanting a paricular length.

Simply plug in, calibrate in game and you're good to go!