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We Will be Closed from 24th December till 10th of January, all orders during this time will be posted out when we re-open
We Will be Closed from 24th December till 10th of January, all orders during this time will be posted out when we re-open

E-Bike Conversion

by MHP
Original price $750.00 - Original price $1,350.00
Original price
$750.00 - $1,350.00
Current price $750.00
Motor Wattage: 1000W
Battery Size: 48v 20AH
Optional Extras: Include Phone Mount/Charger/Light/Horn

New to Mayhem Hobbies Perth is E-Bike Conversions!

Do you have an old Bicycle lying round doing nothing?
Do you want to ride further for the same amount of effort?
Do you want to get to and from work for as little as $2?
Do you want to travel on a bike but no longer want to pedal?
Do you simply want an electric bike because they are cool as?
An E-Bike is the answer!

These kits can be supplied as either a DIY or professional Install by the Mayhem Hobbies Perth Team

We use high quality Voilamart rear hub motor kits paired with A-Grade LiIo UPP smart battery packs. All of our e-bike conversion kits meet and exceed Australian standards.


All our conversion kits are road legal for use in Australia at the flick of a switch, this limits the power output to 250w and 25km/h. For offroad use these restrictions can be removed and the power output and speed can be increased to the maximum allowed by the selected hub kit!


There is two hub kits avaliable, either 1000w or 1500w maximum, with a choice of two batteries, either 48v 20AH or 48v 13AH. For an estimation of range and speed please see the following;

1000w 13AH - 45km/h - 20km
1500w 13AH - 55km/h - 17km
1000w 20AH - 45km/h - 33km
1500w 20AH - 55km/h - 30km

These are very rough estimates, and are hugley effected by how much start stop, overall weight and amount of pedalling done


Our kits include PAS (pedal assist sensor) which can be adjusted by the included LCD display from level 0-5. As you pedal, the electric motor will give you assistance, making it easier to ride. Alternatively, each has a twist throttle, this can be used to also engage the power from the electric motor without any pedaling.


The included LCD display gives you a readout of the current battery level, The distance travelled on the current journey and overall, your current speed and the amount of PAS in use.


Either of the batteries are LiLo (lithium Ion) cells with smart battery monitors. These smart batteries have a huge amount of safetey features inbuilt, from low cell voltages, to temerature cutoff, charging voltage cutoff and more. Battery technology has never been so simple and safe to use! The Australian certified chargers must be the only charger used with the supplied smart battery packs. Both models also have a USB port for charging your phone or out optional Phone/Light/Horn mount!


Your bike will need to meet the following conditions in order to install or have an e-bike conversion installed

Rear wheel minimum 26" diameter
Rear stay inner width 128-135mm
Rear gears 7 (some 9 will also work, just as a 7)
Room for electronic bag 200x50x40mm
Room for either battery (please see dimension images to the right)


Included in your kit is the following items

- 26" Brushless Rear Wheel Motor Hub
- All terrain tyre
- 26" Tyre Tube
- 26" Rim protector
- Brushless Motor controller
- PAS (pedal assist sensor) and hub ring
- Twist Throttle
- Pair of Brake levers with cutout switch
- LCD display
- Electronics Bag
- Cable ties and wire Sheath
- All required hardware
- 48v Smart Battery Pack (13AH or 20AH)
- Smart Battery charger
- Manuals for DIY instalation of Hub Kit
- Manuals for operation and charging of smart battery pack
- Full support from Mayhem Hobbies Team!
- 1 year warranty on smart battery/charger
- 3 Month Warranty on remaining items


Optional Items

- Professional install by Mayhem Hobbies Perth (please select in store pickup)
- Phone mount with intergrated charging, Light and Horn
- 12v LED night Light

Happy E-Biking!