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Kingmax BLS3009S

by KingMax
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$140.00 - $140.00
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This is a Kingmax BLS3009S

These full size servos are perfect for 1/8 applications, or 1/10 where you want some extra weight or stronger gears! With huge amounts of torque, these will handle 1/8 buggy and tuggy with ease.

-High performance, standard,Multivoltage digital servo
-High-precision steel gear
-Long-life potentiometer
-Full CNC aluminium case
-High quality brushless motor
-Dual ball bearing
-Suits 1/8, 1/5 cars

Operating Speed (5.0V): 0.13sec/60 degrees

Operating Speed (6.0V): 0.11sec/60 degrees
Operating Speed (7.4V): 0.09sec/60 degrees 
Operating Speed (8.4V): 0.08sec/60 degrees 
Stall Torque (5.0V): (343.08oz/in)
Stall Torque (6.0V): (372.25oz/in)
Stall Torque (7.4V): (416.7oz/in)
Stall Torque (8.4V): (472.26oz/in)
Dimensions: 40X20X40.9mm /1.56X0.78X1.6in
Weight:78g (2.75oz)
Connector Wire Length: 300mm (11.8in) 
25t spline