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B74 LCG Front Tower Mid 4.0mm

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Bezerk RC option part for the Team Associated B74 4wd buggy. Ray Munday had this to say about the new option towers. "After spending many months developing the B74 setup for outdoor racing, we noticed that the car responds to a lot of droop (using long eyelets and long shaft length) but needed uptravel limiting to stop the driveshafts bottoming out when using low diff heights. This means that the shocks are sitting higher than they needed to be for our tracks, so the LCG towers were designed to reduce the cg height of the car by lowering the shock towers and bodies and still keep the correct travel range. Compared to a setup with kit towers, you need to make the following changes: 1) Use short eyelets (these are 2mm shorter) 2) Reduce the shaft length by 2mm (we have gone from 25-23mm at the front, and 30-28mm at the rear) 3) Eliminate 2mm of external limiters (we have gone from 3mm to 1mm at the front, and 2mm to zero mm at the rear). We recommend using the longer front spring cup to avoid interference with the arm. You will need to re-adjust ride height with these settings. We have found these towers increase steering response and keep the car feeling more stable in bumpy corners." The mid camberlink length has also been the choice of local racers. Tower is made from 4.0mm glossy carbon fiber. Also available in 5.0mm thickness and a LCG rear tower to match.