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1/10 TC Rubber Tire Warmer

by G-Force
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This is the GForce Tire Warmer, designed for use with 1/10 scale touring car rubber tires. Warming the tires before use brings the temperature up to optimal levels of racing before the race even starts. Warming the tires allowing the rubber to have a higher co-efficient of friction, but also allows a more efficient absorption of traction compounds into the rubber. Warm tires provide maximum ability to grip the racing surface, form the very first lap.



  • Front & Rear temperature can be set independently
  • Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by MCU
  • Removable front & rear tire warmers
  • 8 different beep tones
  • Minimum temperature
  • Celsius - Fahrenheit selectable display
  • Safety timer

Input: 11 - 15V(DC) 
Temperature Range: 20 - 80℃,100℃ 
Dimensions: 92×111.4×50mm 
Warmer-Cup Inside Diameter: 65 mm 
Weight: 440g